Mercy to Mankind
“...My Mercy encompasses all things.”
The Quran, Chapter 7, Verse 156

God’s mercy embraces, protects and provides the basis for all life.

Mercy [ Rahma] is derived from the Arabic word for womb and has been used by God in the Quran to describe The Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) as a mercy to mankind.

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The pavilion encapsulates the concept of mercy, embodying it’s various attributes in the form of a shelter housing a collection of Muhammad’s words of mercy that are open and accessible to all. Just as mercy strengthens and beautifies the character, arches strengthen and beautify the spaces that we occupy.

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Constructed from interlocking arches which form a permeable solid structure that paves ways of access, the pavilion has a presence which enhances the notions of grace and stability, inviting the public to embrace and engage in it’s overarching mercy.