Creating an internal space that is partitionable, so it can perform as an entire space for events, as well as separate spaces, for house units. The boat will contain kitchen facilities on one end and WC facilities on the other, allowing the units to share the facilities, developing the co-living and co-working model into a co-relief model.

Observing the way canal boats have been redefined as an alternative way of living in London, performing as portable houses along the canal, aiding the relief of the housing crisis in London, as well as cultivating a sub culture and community in and of itself.

The proposal aims to adapt these benefits to aid in the relief of another crisis in London of homelessness. By taking the way canal boats currently provide a portable single house (1), and developing it into a boat that provides a portable row of houses (2), contributing to the ongoing citywide efforts ranging from the mayors office to a variety of independent organisations, to combat homelessness.

In an effort to contribute to the relief of both the effects and causes of homelessness, the proposal both works as housing at night to contribute to the relief of the effects through providing shelter, and as a flexible event space (3) in the day to contribute to the relief of the causes through awareness, education and sharing.

The proposal will have a green roof (4) constructed to represent the role that a garden plays in the home, providing outdoor amenity, and space to grow plants and produce, which can contribute towards the ingredients used in the soups and meals prepared for events held below, cultivating a micro ecosystem.

The hybridisation of a series of strategies aimed at aiding the relief of homelessness in London develops the Co-living and Co-working concept into a Co-relief concept.

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