AWMA = Arberor + Wasim + Mohammed + Abderrahim telling stories through Art + Architecture

Based in Brixton, AWMA is an experimental design collective that explores key themes prevalent within social, spiritual, economic and urban realms - from celebrations to challenges - across the cultural spectrum with work that connects people and places.

Arberor Hadri
Founding Director - FdA, MISTD

Arberor is a creative director and founder of several design led projects. With roots in typography and information design, he has helped to create brands across several sectors ranging from fashion, education, entertainment and humanitarian. Arberor has made a marked impact over the last decade and carved a collaborative approach, with a keen eye on getting the best from curators, designers and technicians on over one hundred projects, big and small. He loves exploring challenges and crafting the bigger picture with the details in mind, whether in pixels or millimetres.

Wasim Khalfey
Founding Director - BSC (Hons), RIBA I

Wasim’s background in architecture, coupled with his passion for technology has enabled him to lead design teams in delivering projects across several platforms, from public pavilions, product ranges, digital applications and nationwide billboard campaigns. His methodical approach, technical ability and awareness of the arts gives him a unique vantage point on creating effective and meaningful work for a broad range of clients and commissions. Wasim loves focusing on solutions, and his playful practicality makes him stand out from the crowd.

Mohammed Rahmany
Founding Director - BA (Hons), MArch, RIBA II

Mohammed is an architectural thinker and maker. Having worked for acclaimed international architecture firms over the years, he has played an instrumental role in projects, ranging from airport terminals, residential developments, sport stadiums and several mixed use spaces across the globe. Mohammed is a team player, and his why and how approach is critical to the overall scheme of any project across different stages. With passion and hard work, he loves seeing new challenges through from concept to reality no matter the scale.

Abderrahim Elmenani
Founding Director - BA (Hons), MArch, RIBA II

Abderrahim is an architectural designer and visionary. He has worked on a variety of scale projects, ranging from one off private houses to large mixed use master plans. His experience has been gained through several award winning architecture practices, all of which have given him a real insight into the field. Abderrahim’s appetite for a holistic and considered approach is fundamental in any undertaken programme. He loves to pose questions and explore meaning beyond the obvious and superficial.