Experience the Hubb (حب Love) now at London Central Mosque

Derived from the Arabic word for love and inspired by the words of The Prophet Muhammad "Love for humanity, what you love for yourself…”. The Hubb invites the public to reflect in solitude, gather in congregation and share the power of love and understanding.


In the Islamic community, the mosque plays the role of a hub and traditionally the minaret is an architectural device that facilitates a person at the top calling the local community for individual reflection and congregational gatherings for good. Originally located in Brixton, its found a new home in London Central Mosque where the public and visitors will be greeted by the reflective structure that takes the traditional concept of a minaret and flips it; replacing the vocal call to a visual call in bringing a community together.


The ground is activated with an opening, inviting people inside the minaret for individual reflection. The internal experience of the structure is further enhanced by spatial geometry, scriptural engravings and audio composed by Yusuf Islam aka Cat Stevens.

The Hubb is an integrated metaphor for the power of bringing ideas together; traditional and contemporary, east and west.

About AWMA

Coming together to create powerful stories around communities, the new design collective is made up of four creatives from diverse backgrounds and fields, with a city and faith in common. With Afghan, Albanian, Arab and Indian heritage, the group is a testament to London's history of being an international community, more so recently with the Mayor’s #LondonIsOpen programme.


Growing up in South London and studying at Westminster, Kingston and University of the Arts, the four have gone on to work at several noted branding and architectural studios across the capital over the last decade. The seed for Hubb was planted back in March at a mosque on route to Barbican’s exhibition on Japanese Houses. This followed from a previous trip by the group to Japan and South Korea. The journey since then has been one of many challenges. The opportunity of proposing for LDF's Brixton district has been a culmination of the designers paths with the collaboration being shaped by their city, their faith and their creative curiosity.


Beyond the nine-day festival, the Hubb installation has found a new home in central London, with the new studio has already started working on two new Lambeth based projects; a soup kitchen and a social enterprise space. So prepare to watch them grow.

Coming together to create powerful stories around communities, the new design collective is made up of four creatives from diverse backgrounds and fields, with a city and faith in common.


“As a British Muslim led organisation, the Hubb’s positive narrative captured our admiration. The idea resonates with our cultural awareness programmes which we believe is crucial, with the impact being felt far and wide. AWMA’s ethos and passion is something we fully support and I personally can’t wait to see it Brixton and then hosting it in our Yorkshire HQ.”


Adeem Younis Chairman, Penny Appeal

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"AWMA's Hubb installation is very close to my heart. A powerful reflection of global issues, born out of our local community and beautifully executed by extremely talented creatives.”


Binki Taylor Curator, BDT

“A striking sculptural symbol communicating the positive message of Islam to celebrate what binds us together as a diverse and creative society. The four designers have been passionate from the outset and an absolute pleasure to work with."


Julia Nicholls

Associate Director, Squire & Partners